Photographers share their ‘Visions’

Exhibit to remain up through June 6

Several student photographers are showcasing their best work for the public at the college’s Center for Economic Development. 

The Del Mar College Continuing Education Department hosted the opening reception of the digital photography exhibit, “Seven Visions,” in early May.

“Seven Visions” features seven student photographers including Amy Currin, Kim Walker, Elizabeth Bragg, Mayra Beach, Diana Pena-Gaona, Anissa Medina and Isabel Martinez. The students were selected from the advanced photography course at DMC instructed by Jeff Janko.

Janko taught for twenty years before retiring and now instructs beginning, intermediate and advanced photography in the DMC Continuing Education department. He decided to host “Seven Visions” for the students to show their work, get feedback from their audience and to boost their motivation.

“For some students, the display was a struggle because the photos are very personal to them so through this exhibit, they learned a lot about promoting their work,” Janko said.

The exhibit consists of four photos from each student ranging from landscapes and portraits to nature and wildlife. Janko encouraged his students to invite 10 people to the opening reception and to put their work on the market for the viewers’ purchase.

“I told them ‘Do you want to take these home and hang them on your wall or do you want them to go to someone else’s home and hang on their wall? Because you can always print another picture,’” Janko said. “My idea is that photography should be shared.” 

As an instructor, Jeff Janko develops his students through an intimate style of teaching and spreads his knowledge on techniques that he uses in his own freelancing. Many lessons are taught before students are called to expose four of their best pieces. They must journey through the beginning and intermediate photography courses before advancing to the final course.

“I wouldn’t focus on the depth of a picture until Janko told me to concentrate on the person’s eyes while shooting a photo. After that, I noticed my pictures got better,” Pena-Gaona said. “After taking these classes with Janko I’ve learned so much. He really gets involved and he wants everybody to learn and to understand what we are doing with the camera.”

The photo exhibit will remain on display at the Center for Economic Development through June 6.

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