New experiences can lead to possible satisfaction

A couple I work with, “Shane” and “Janie,” are always trying to spice things up in their bedroom. They don’t have a diminishing sex life; they just like to take a crack at new things.

Recently, Shane has been hinting at Janie he wants to try some backdoor things with her. Janie is open-minded but feels that Shane should try it out too.

A little tit for tat.

For those who don’t know, the male version of the “G-Spot” is the prostate, which is in a man’s anus. Many straight men enjoy prostate stimulation with their partners and see no error in their ways.

Janie told me they have been “practicing” for the big day for half a month now – but only on her.

They have been a couple for over a year and have been living together for nearly half a year. They are committed and comfortable with each other, so it seemed odd to Janie that Shane was hesitant.

She said Shane was all for it in the beginning: starting something new and somewhat exciting. But he still stops her when she attempts to “probe” him.

Shane told me he is scared that it’s going to hurt him, but keeps getting reassured by another co-worker of ours, “Oscar,” it’s very comforting. Oscar and his girlfriend were the ones who suggested to Janie that Shane should test the waters out.

Oscar told Shane to try it out and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it.

Janie told me this is the first time Shane has ever been reluctant when it came to new sexual experiences.

I couldn’t help but wonder: How kinky is too kinky?

According to Men’s Health, it’s normal to feel apprehensive when one initially tries something new sexually. For those of us who have done the deed, we all remember being a little anxious when it come to fulfill our duties. One should keep an open mind and always try something new.

The important thing to do is communicate with each other in terms of comfortability – whether it’s anal sex or using a blindfold.

In today’s world, hookup culture is more popular than settling down with someone and being in a committed relationship. To explore a new sexual terrain, it would be best to attempt that venture with someone you trust and feel safe with.

Shane and Janie have still yet to accomplish their sexual goal but are keeping me informed on their progress.

So ladies, next time he asks you when y’all can do some backdoor stuff, ask him, “OK, do you want me to do you first?”

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