To pay your bills or to go shopping, that is the question

When it comes to juggling work, college and your personal life, things can get hectic. There could be times when you have to choose between the three. Having priorities can be demanding when deciding whether you should have fun in your personal life.

Thinking about what is most important when it comes to completing tasks is the responsible thing to do. In adulthood, you start to develop strict decision-making when it comes to priorities.

Deciding whether you should go shopping instead of saving up for that huge car bill is just one of the common examples of having priorities.

If you decide to go shopping, spend money on what you think you deserve — that is up to you. When it comes to paying that large bill for a car service, maybe replacing a bad tire, that money you spent shopping could have been spent on that bad tire. What is more important? The car that takes you places when you shop or the clothes that you wear on the bus that you now have to take because you can’t afford a new tire? 

As an adult, you start to think about things like that. When dealing with priorities, it is important that you think logical about it, thinking about whether you are going to struggle if you choose to shop over fixing your car. 

During the semester, you come across different scenarios where you choose between going to class and staying home because you can’t find a babysitter. In times like that, letting your professor know that you have a child and can’t find a sitter should be encouraged. Most professors today welcome their students to bring their child to class if it’s a last resort. 

Choosing between eating and paying bills is another issue that many college students have. Your own personal health should be a priority while going to college. Staying healthy and energized is important as it helps you stay focused during your classes. You want to be alive and well while going to college — duh. 

Working and going to college can also be hard to juggle at times. You have to make sure that you are working to get enough money for tuition and other bills. It can get stressful but don’t let it get in the way of your education. Working is a must but there should never be a time when you have to choose one or the other. 

Wherever you work, your manager should know that education should be put first and work out a schedule that wouldn’t add so much stress. 

A few tips that can help you organize your priorities are making a list and planning out your class assignments. Lay out your work schedule and plan to work on assignments around it. Some time before or after work is better than nothing. 

While doing your homework, you might get distracted by those cellular devices. Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can lead to the distraction of completing a task like homework. What is more important? Keeping up on the latest post made by the Kardashians or getting that easy hundred on that online quiz?

Whatever your priorities may be, just think about it logically, pray and hope for the best. 

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