Establishing routine can make life easier

In our everyday lives, we all have to keep up with chores, bills, school and work. We might have those times when we focus on just two things at a time and lose track of doing the dishes. Then all of a sudden, we cut it close when we almost forget to pay a bill. 

Times might get a little wild and keeping your life, home, room and even car organized can become a hard task. Everyone goes through those times when they clean their room and keep it organized for about two days and then lose track of it after the third day, then it takes a good week to a month to finally organize it again. 

We could be doing well in school and then all of a sudden we lose track after back-to-back tests and assignments. Handling college and dealing with life at the same time is not that easy and it will never be perfect. We may try to aim for perfection but something will always be a challenge down the road. 

We may have those times when we are rushing between coming back from school and going into work, so we may only have time to put more water in our pet’s water bowl. 

Having to work and going to school can also make you tired and more tempted to quit keeping things organized. There are small ways to help you keep things better organized.

When it comes to keeping up with chores, sticking to a routine daily chore can help prevent losing track of keeping your room clean. In the morning, before you get ready for the day or leave, make your bed. 

Making your bed can help make you feel accomplished. When you are getting ready for the day, take notice of things that you see need maintenance like cleaning the toilet or the shower. Always try to keep the sink clean when you are brushing your teeth or when shaving that ’stache. Men all know things can get a little messy and tend to get a little careless about keeping things clean. 

When doing the laundry, sometimes we get a little lazy about folding the clothes and putting them away. If it ever gets to the point where you are constantly throwing your clothes on the floor and leaving clothes unfolded on a chair, try folding and laying out the clothes and whenever you have time before bed, put the clothes away to prevent wrinkles. 

When it comes to school, staying organized is key to making the best grades possible. Having a planner and putting down assignments that are due and tests that are coming up can help organize and manage your time better to help you get that “A.” 

Some people struggle with even keeping up with a planner and just jot things down on a piece of paper or make a note on their phone. Planners are highly recommended because you can see upcoming due dates better. Knowing what your work schedule is like, you can also see and work around that schedule and squeeze in some study or free time. 

Whenever you are done with an assignment and you get papers back from your professor, don’t just throw those papers in your backpack. Get a folder specifically for graded papers or just for that specific class and place those papers in the folder. For other handouts that you get from your class, organize them again in separate folders. Binders can be useful but folders work best for those who struggle to keep papers organized. 

The main cause of disorganization is business, which turns to laziness. Keep yourself motivated and mindful of keeping your surroundings clean and organized for better clarity in your everyday life. 

It may get a little messy sometimes, but never lose that motivation to accomplish even just the little things in life. 

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