What do you think about the Southside Campus? Is it necessary?

Renato Ramirez, political science professor

“I think it’s inevitable as the college seeks to follow the expansion of the city. If the enrollment isn’t there right now, I think it eventually will be.”

Melody Johnson, psychology

“I’m all for education, I know that Del Mar is a community college but if they are encouraging that it’s the betterment for our education and for the students, then I say great.”

Sarah Contreras, speech professor

“I’m glad that we’re expanding, and anticipating growth, I think growth is going to be on the Southside. The pictures they have shown us are beautiful. I think it’s great to see Del Mar growing.”

Stalin Rodriguez, network adminstration and information security

“I think it is necessary because the community is growing, and the college is expanding for students.”

James Klein, history professor

“I’m not in favor of it. Enrollment was roughly flat so there was no justification for it based on increased enrollment. It could also cause closure for East Campus.”

Aleeyah Flores, liberal arts

“I feel like the college is already fine the way it is, and I think new buildings would just confuse students and faculty.”

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