Cooking and creativity go hand-in-hand

As an adult, cooking is one of many crucial skills. I mean, you have to eat to stay alive and relying on fast-food restaurants, frozen pre-made food and eating out all the time is not necessarily a healthy diet. Some may not know how to cook, other than macaroni and cheese, and rely on pre-made foods. That’s OK.

When you do make that macaroni and cheese, try adding meat or a vegetable to it. Instead of thinking that you are going to just make macaroni and cheese, try thinking about ways to twist it up. This helps you on your creative side, motivating you to explore and discover your own way of cooking.

Everybody has his or her own way of cooking. There is not a specific way that everybody has to follow. There are not rules when it comes to cooking, except obviously you have to keep the raw meat from cross contaminating anything else. Maybe there are some sanitary rules, but when it comes to discovering your own way of cooking, there are none.

Do not be afraid to learn to cook on your own. That is the best way to improve; just take small steps at a time. You do not want to start off by attempting to make fancy, high-end meals. Start off by simply learning how to cook meats and vegetables. If you were unsure about seasoning, just adding salt and pepper would suffice. When you go grocery shopping and turn to that aisle with all the spices, take some time and look at some spices, choose one that might sound good to you and try it out the next time you cook. If it is something that you like, try using it on different meals and move on to the next spice.

Going online and finding recipes can also help with learning to cook. There are plenty of sites such as Skinny Taste and everyone’s favorite, the Food Network, which provide step-by-step recipes. Skinny Taste provides healthy recipes that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, keto friendly and more. Skinny Taste also provides ready-to-go shopping lists.

Yes, maintaining a healthy diet can be expensive but simply making oven baked chicken legs with vegetables is better than eating that Popeye’s fried chicken.

It is OK to have those days where you do not feel like cooking and just want Whataburger, but don’t make it an everyday thing. Keeping a healthy diet, especially for adults, helps maintain good energy to help you get through that long workday.

So learn to cook a nice healthy meal, be creative and have fun — even if you do end up burning something.

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