Make waves somewhere other than the beach

Every spring break many college students make their way to the beach to drink, party and get a sunburn. News flash — that’s not the only thing to do during the week off.

Corpus Christi may be a small city but there are other things to enjoy and places to see that do not involve the sea. 

For a relaxing week off from school here are some ideas: travel, go to the movies, binge watch a show on Netflix, draw a bubble bath and listen to music, have a barbecue with friends; the list goes on. 

If being on the water is a must then go kayaking, grab your fishing license and go fish. Call your friend and go paddle boating, try a SUP Dog yoga class, wake up early to watch the sunrise over the waves — that way you beat the crowd and still get your beach time.

There is more to life than getting plastered in the sand. Be a tourist for a day and hit all the cliché hot spots: the Lexington museum on the Bay, the Texas State Aquarium, play putt-putt on the island, etc. 

Explore the different coffee shops around town and try a beverage you’ve never had before.

If drinking must be in your itinerary then drink responsibly with friends and family at BUS, The Library, Tannins, Lazy Beach and Nueces Brewing Co. Find a bar near you, and keep in mind, the memories you’ll cherish the most are the ones you can remember. 

So, don’t waste your spring break at the beach getting drunk. Make it one to remember and enjoy your time off from homework and exams.

Go back to school relaxed and recharged.

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