You’ll love this dove, especially with bacon

For those interested in dove hunting, be sure to purchase the additional migratory game bird endorsement and HIP stamp along with your hunting license.

They’re gray, small and quick. It is clear as day out in Freer. Not a single cloud in sight. The sun beams down and nourishes animals and plants around it. 

I’ve got a crick in my neck from searching the skies above me. 

Finally, a flight of doves flies toward me, I pick up my shotgun and follow them with my iron sight. I squeeze the trigger only to waste another shell, then two, then three.

Dove: 3. Liz: 0.

I looked to my right only to find a box of empty shells on the ground lying next to me. 

It was not long before I realized that dove hunting was probably not my forte and I was going to need more practice. I may not be great a shooting dove, but I do know how to serve them up.

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