Counselors offer to help virtually

Free sessions available for all students, staff, faculty over Microsoft Teams

While returning to campus after 15 months of being in the comfort of one’s home may be daunting for many students, the Del Mar College Counseling Center wants them to know it’s easy to receive the help needed to thrive this semester. And best of all, the center’s services are free. 

Counseling sessions will be held virtually again this semester, said Jessica Edwards, one of four Del Mar counselors. Scheduling a meeting with a college counselor is much easier than seeking help from off-campus professionals, who may require prior insurance authorization and have less flexibility in scheduling. 

Edwards said she was unsure when the center would reopen physically.

“Using our services not only saves students money, but is a lot timelier than seeking outside help,” Edwards said. 

Free services are available to all students, faculty and staff. Virtual sessions will be held over Microsoft Teams.

To schedule a virtual appointment,
visit Same-day appointments are available, and the center works with individuals, couples and groups. A counselor will contact students over the phone at the scheduled appointment time. 

Edwards said she was unsure when the center would reopen physically. 

“There is no expected open date of the center; we will be following community trends,” Edwards said. 

The center has locations on both the Heritage Campus, formerly known as East Campus, in Harvin Center Room 233A as well as the Windward Campus, formerly West Campus, in Room 262 of Health Science Building 2. 

For more information about the Counseling Center, contact 361-698-1586 or dmccounseling The Counseling Center also is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at

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  1. This is a great resource being provided to students. Hopefully those who need it will take advantage of the opportunity

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