License still required to carry gun on campus

House Bill 1927, which allows for the permitless carry of a handgun for people 21 and older, went into effect on Sept. 1, meaning people without a License to Carry may now carry in Texas if they meet certain requirements.

However, the new law does not apply to college campuses. In 2015, Senate Bill 11 set a requirement for all public colleges to allow licensed individuals to carry on campus property concealed, with the exception of some locations on campus where weapons are still prohibited.

HB 1927 allows Texans to carry openly or concealed unless they have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence assault, or are the subject of a protective order. A License to Carry is still required to carry on a college campus.

If students encounter a situation where they need to report an individual they suspect is not adhering to college policy, they should report the incident, according to Melinda Eddlemen, associate director of media relations.

“DMC Security will investigate to ensure the individual is in compliance with the law,” Eddlemen said. “The health, safety and security of students, employees, and visitors while on a Del Mar College campus or at a center is the institution’s highest priority.”

To report a concern or potential violation, contact DMC Security at 361-698-1946 or the emergency number 361-698-1199; or if in an emergency, call 9-1-1.

For college policy, definitions, prohibited “campus carry” locations, cause for disciplinary action and other information visit

2 thoughts on “License still required to carry gun on campus

  1. I was unaware of this! I really believed anybody and everyone had the right to carry a gun wherever they wanted! It’s relieving to know that if on campus you are still required to have a license!

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