Grants return in spring

 Del Mar is now offering a new program alongside the HEERF III Emergency Student Aid. 

The college is currently using institutional HEERF grant money, funds the government gave directly to Del Mar College to use for the college, including the add-a-free-class campaign, said Joseph Ruiz, director of Del Mar’s Financial Aid Services. 

Del Mar wants to encourage and help students by taking advantage of the program, which offers students an additional class during alternative terms for free in the spring 2022 semester. Also, additional funding for books will be available for students eligible for this program. 

“In the fall semester we awarded about $4,203,700 to students, which was a combination of direct payments to students, and funds paid to student balances as well,” Ruiz said. 

Ruiz said there is no available estimate for how much will be given out as there may be money leftover from the previous fall semester. 

Some 6,140 students were awarded HEERF grants this fall. 

This program is available for all DMC students currently enrolled at Del Mar in a three- or four-hour course during the regular 16 weeks or 8-weeks Session 1 in Spring 2022. 

“Once we’ve exhausted or close to exhausting for funds of the add a class, of the institutional portion and find out how much we have we may award direct payment to students without them having to apply,” Ruiz said. “Or we may also put out an application for this.” 

Ruiz said the program has been a great benefit to students. 

“We’ve known students who couldn’t pay off balance, because they had a balance they couldn’t pay,” Ruiz said. “Students have been able to take advantage of this program and use these funds to make adjustments resulting from the pandemic.” 

For updates and additional information on the add-a-free-class program and HEERF Grant III funds visit https:// heerf-iii-student-financial-aid-faq.html 

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