HBO MAX’s ‘KIMI’ is a technological thriller

The new thriller film “KIMI” was released Feb. 10 on the streaming service HBO MAX. If you don’t already have a subscription, you may want to get one — it’s that good.

Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh, known for the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, does it again by giving his viewers an hour and a half-long movie that will keep them on their toes but also wanting more.

This film will give you the same uneasy feeling if you knew for fact that our devices are listening to each one of our conversations.

But really KIMI, an Alexa-like device, is for sure listening. But “only to better human conversation,” according to its inventor. Unlike Alexa and Siri, KIMI doesn’t just rely on algorithms. Humans listen in to make the smart device smarter.

The new and fascinating device is hoped to be the next thing.

“Big Little Lies” Zoë Kravitz stars as Angela Childs, a voice interpreter for the device company, which means her job is to make KIMI understand its owner better.

But once Angela comes across a file and overhears a violent crime, she’s torn as to what she should do with the recording.

Angela has been a victim herself to assault in the past, leaving her scared to leave her own apartment. The pandemic and its resulting lockdown also have added to her agoraphobia.

However, when it comes to light that the recording is in Angela’s hands, very powerful people come after her.

And those very powerful people happen to be paid by a successful tech businessman.

With no one to turn to, she is stuck deciding to face her own fear of leaving her own home to find justice for the victim.

While the trailer makes Angela seem short-tempered and determined, viewers quickly learn that’s her defense mechanism to help her cope with her past.

With assassins in pursuit, Angela’s anxiety only rises. But whether she’s able to leave the house, and what happens from there, is what will have viewers’ anxiety levels skyrocketing too.

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