Oyshi Sushi 3 offers amazing food, service

Let’s be honest, sushi is one of those foods that is either a hit or misses the mark completely. Eating it requires running the risk of whether it will taste extremely fishy or magically delicious; there simply is no in-between. So, I let my tastebuds run that risk for you at Oyshi Sushi 3. 

When you walk into Oyshi Sushi 3, you are met with bright LED lights shining overhead, a bar to the right side, seats to the front and left side and a sushi bar to the back where you can see the chefs prepare sushi roll in front of you. The restaurant looks clean and has a decent amount of space between tables. 

This well-lit restaurant that has a simple L-shaped layout with red and black details serves food from appetizers to Asian cuisine and boasts 56 sushi rolls. From the most basic California roll to unique in-house creations, customers are met with about average portions. Depending on the roll, when cut and served there are about 7-10 hearty pieces. Each roll is served on a long white rectangular plate with sauce drizzled over the rolls in a decorative manner. 

While it did take at least 35 minutes for the food to come out, the servers are consistently checking on you and refill drinks without you having to burn them with your eyes from staring or trying to get their attention. I deem it worth the wait; however, the price is running a slight risk for the grade of fish you’re receiving. Prices on rolls vary from around $8-$17 and while that seems like a huge price gap, the majority of the rolls cost $16. 

The Hurricane roll includes tempura shrimp, seared tuna, salmon, avocado, jalapeño, spring greens and crab topped with spicy mayo, sriracha and masago.

I recommend the Hurricane and Madeline, both rolls I ordered while dinning in. The roll I would steer clear of and not order again would be the Rainbow roll, simply because of a very fishy taste. Ask for extra eel sauce to combat the fishy taste, but note you’ll be left with an overly sauced roll that doesn’t get finished. 

Overall, I give Oyshi Sushi 3 a solid 3.65 out of 5


WHAT: Oyshi Sushi 3

WHERE: 6181 Saratoga Blvd. #109

OTHER: 361-257-1654; closed on Tuesdays

RATING: 3.65 out of 5

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