Spoken word artist ShySpeaks performs

ShySpeaks, an American hip-hop and spoken word artist, shared her voice to highlight a message of empowerment and resilience at a Women’s History Month in March. 

While the event’s purpose was to focus on the strength of women, ShySpeaks emphasized the importance of strength in males as well. 

“I loved how her message accompanied all people,” said Mat Morels, a liberal arts major. “I was most inspired when she said that we can achieve anything as long as the work is being put in.”

With a combination of hip-hop instrumentals and spoken word, ShySpeaks creates a reflective dialogue using personal stories that relate to her audience. She said this allows the message to have a greater impact. 

“My words and message come out of my mission,” ShySpeaks said. “My mission is to reinfuse positivity and spirituality into our urban culture through the arts and the power of our voices.” 

Having a Women’s History Month event speaker motivated and inspired many students.

“It meant a lot to hear her message and reminded me to just keep going,” said Marisel Lemos, a nursing major. “Coming from a Hispanic background there is a language barrier, but I know if i keep grinding I will do it.” 

2 thoughts on “Spoken word artist ShySpeaks performs

  1. I was at this event; Shy Speaks was a wonderful entertainer! The amount of background work that seemed to go into the pieces performed was just breathtaking. I was entertained and informed, and I loved it! I heard this past weekend that Shy Speaks is supposed to be returning for another performance at Del Mar in the future and I cannot wait!

  2. ShySpeaks is such an inspiring woman for Del Mar to be highlighting, especially on Women’s History Month. It is so important to have women like her inspiring, not just Del Mar students, but all Women who get to hear her speak!

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