Around Campus: Del Mar College’s many student services

Del Mar offers many different services to students each semester for free or at a low cost. All of these services are offered at the Heritage Campus with some extending to Windward and Oso Creek as well. Here are a few services offered to students.


The Counseling Center offers virtual and in-person counseling sessions. Counseling is free and confidential to all Del Mar students. The center’s goal is to help students develop personal awareness and skills needed to succeed in life and college.

Types of counseling include individual short term, group, couples, crisis briefing, community referral, outreach and “Let’s Talk” off-site consultation. Some issues they offer advice on is academic adjustment, handling anxiety, stress or depression, relationship troubles, transition in life, identity exploration and eating concerns. For more information or to book an appointment contact 361-698-1586 or


Career Development offers students comprehensive career planning. These services are offered to students and alumni. They provide contacts to companies and organizations to expediate recruiting efforts. Services available are individual appointments, assistance on resumes, cover letters and career information, job fairs, mock interviews and career counseling. For more information or to book an appointment go to


The food pantry provides free food to students in need. All students can apply and get accepted. Once students complete the steps, they can make appointments to pick out 35 pounds of food, not including bread or fresh produce. Students can make appointments twice a month at their own convenience. For inquiries students can visit the Del Mar website or contact The Office of Student Engagement and Retention at or 361-698-1277.


  • Math Learning Center: Free math tutoring is offered on campus and online. They offer computers printers, textbooks, calculators. Informative handouts, lockdown browser and TSI resources. They are at every campus with different operating hours. For more information contact Heritage: 361-698-1579, Oso Creek: 361-698-3979, Windward: 361-698-1860; or
  • Reading Lab: Many tools and programs are offered to assist students as well as instructors. The lab is available for help with lab assignments, coursework, vocabulary, TSIA2 Prep and general help. Books are also available to take, borrow or trade in the free library. These services are only offered on the Heritage Campus. For more information contact 361-698-1535 or
  • Stone Writing Center: One-on-one tutoring is offered to give writing instruction to students to develop their writing skills. This service is available to all students for any major, and help is available online and in-person. To access the writing center online you can join a “class” on Canvas. These are offered on the Heritage and Windward Campus. For more information contact Heritage: 361-698-1364, Windward: 361-698-1860; or


The Morris L. Lichtenstein Jr. Center for Early Learning is open to Del Mar students and faculty as well as area families. They offer year-round programs for children 18 months to 5 years. For more information contact 361-698-1083 or


The goal of disability services it to provide all students and staff equal opportunity to all programs and activities of the college. Students can report to the Disability Services Office to request a disability support services form to schedule an intake appointment, attend the meeting and provide documentation from a qualified professional. For more information contact 361-698-1292 or


The Student Success Center is located at the Heritage Campus and offers peer tutoring, workshops, seminars and technology resources to assist students in learning. Each service is designed to help and encourage students in their education through aid from a peer, or seminars about academics to health and wellness. For more information contact Peer Tutoring: 361-698-2259, Student Workshops: 361-698-2267, Technology Resource Center: 361-698-2234 or

11 thoughts on “Around Campus: Del Mar College’s many student services

  1. I really like this and i feel like it has a great impact on the school.To me offering all of these things for the students is what makes a great school.

  2. The fact that Del Mar offers so many different kinds of counseling is a sign that the school cares for its students.

  3. This is a very informative Article, even though I am an early college student it’s very nice to know that Del Mar has so many things to offer.

  4. I am a early college student and it is my first year and when I came to this campus I did not know that del mar offered all of this. Now that I see what del mar has to offer it really akes me happy because this is really a good college to come to that will help you whenever you need it . I especially liked the food bank wich they give to people in need and I thought that was cool of them to do this .

  5. I really enjoyed seeing a Food Bank being included on here. Mainly because my family lived off of the donations from one for a while because of money struggles. So it’s great to see the college I attend bringing awareness to support lines for people that are in the position I was at one point in my life.

  6. Though I am an early college student, it’s great to know the services Del mar provides. Especially the tutoring opportunities in case I need help attending college classes in the future.

  7. I really love the important information on this and how helpful it all is. It is really important and amazing to know that we have these helpful services to help suit our college life

  8. This is a great article! Del Mar is amazing in the fact that the school provides many services for different things.

  9. I am a pre-college student, next semester will be my first semester as an official college student, and I was actually happy to know that Del Mar provides many services for a variety of things. I can attest to the tutoring being top notch, I have been going to the student success center to get help with my math and I have been extremely happy with all the tutors I have had. So, if you need any help with you studies definitely check that out.

  10. I am a first-year student, I just began college not too long ago, I have seen many emails for many fairs, but I can’t go because of classes, however, I had no idea about these services until I read this article or that we had a website, this is so helpful since it has been difficult to navigate college since I don’t know much about Del Mar.

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