Students sought to play Valdar

Position pays $12/hour; applications accepted throughout the year

Del Mar is looking for students who are interested in donning the Viking helmet. 

Valdar the Viking, who was established in 1939, has been through many changes. The character first came to life on April 27, 2017, and was christened “Valdar,” after a student naming contest. Valdar means “mighty leader.” Recently, Valdar the Viking went through another change during the fall of 2022. 

“Valdar’s new wardrobe consists of three outfits designed by Avante Garde: a redesign of his standard outfit, a new warm weather beach outfit, and a fancy new tuxedo for special events,” the Foghorn News reported during the unveiling of his new look. 

These new outfits are what applicants are expected to showcase when performing at school and community events. 

“Candidates — regardless of experience — are encouraged to apply,” according to Sonia Carreon, Del Mar’s mascot specialist. 

Del Mar will train all new performers, and they are willing to work around your school schedule. “You do not need a preppy attitude to become Valdar, you can wear a frown inside the costume, and it does not matter,” Carreon said. “We will teach you how to move your shoulders, which poses to strike, and how to interact with children.” 

Performers will be able to balance work, home and their academics without the extra pressure and stress of their schedules. 

“The job does not require any set hours,” Carreon said.” 

The position pays $12 an hour. Student Leadership and Campus Life accepts applications throughout the year for any student considering the position. To submit an application, email  or visit Carreon at the Harvin Center, Room 105.

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