Ultimate Frisbee thrown into spring lineup

Intramurals activities kicked off this month with the tennis singles and doubles night leagues. 

The first set of matches were played on Feb. 15 on the Heritage Campus. Games will continue to run every Monday and Wednesday night until all scheduled matches are finished. 

The 3v3 basketball tournament will return on Feb. 21 from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Heritage Campus gym. Games will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the championship on March 9. The tournament will be co-ed, so anyone is welcome to join a team. If you would like to participate but you don’t have a team, then you can sign up with the Intramural office as a free agent and they will set you up on a team. 

The tournament will be a double-round robin format, meaning that each team will be guaranteed to play against each other team twice. Rather than being eliminated for losses there will be a standings system to determine who will face off in the championship game. 

Intramurals will also host an Ultimate Frisbee match for the first time on Feb. 23 at 4:30 p.m. inside the Heritage Campus gym. Originated in 1968 by Joel Silver along with his friends at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, Ultimate Frisbee or, “Frisbee Football” as they called it, is a seven-on-seven match where teams pass a frisbee downfield in an attempt to score by catching the frisbee inside the endzone. The defending team begins by throwing the frisbee to the other team. The person who catches the frisbee may not move once catching the frisbee, other than pivoting one foot to position and throw to their teammate. Only one defender can guard the thrower in an attempt to stall them, while doing this the defender counts out loud to 10 and if he reaches 10 before the frisbee is thrown then the teams switch possessions. 

If the thrower attempts a pass and the frisbee is knocked down or dropped then the possession changes and the other team will take over wherever the frisbee landed, or if the frisbee lands out of bounds then possession also changes; however, you may throw the frisbee out of bounds to avoid the defense as long as the players first contact point (their foot) touches inbounds when the frisbee is touched. This game is a non-contact sport, meaning it is a foul to push, hit, or even set a screen on someone. The primary basis of the game is to move around and catch the frisbee over people, not to knock them over and catch the disc uncontested. Players call their own fouls, and if a foul caused the opposing team to drop the frisbee then they will retain possession at the spot of the foul or if the player committing the foul contests it, they can redo from the previous spot before the foul. If a player from both teams catch the disc at the same time, then the possession remains with the offensive team, therefore making it more beneficial for the defenders to knock the frisbee down rather than attempt to catch it. 

Just as with the basketball tournament, you may sign up as a free agent for the Ultimate Frisbee game and you will be assigned to a team and it is co-ed. You may sign up for any event Intramurals offers by scanning the QR code that you can find attached to an email with the Intramurals schedule, sent to your school email. You may also sign up with the Intramurals Office at the Heritage Campus gym 108 during open hours, or by calling the Intramurals Office at 361-698-1337. 

The recreation hours for the pool, gym and fitness center have slightly changed as these amenities will now open at 2 p.m. rather than 1. They will close at 5:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday, and at 6 on Tuesday and Thursday.

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