Center promotes mental health

Del Mar College’s Counseling Center offers free and confidential services for individuals, couples and groups.

The center also offers virtual services as well as Wellness Workshops, Suicide Prevention Training, Outreach & Consultation, Crisis Intervention and more.

“Del Mar’s Counseling Center’s mission is to promote mental health, emotional resilience, and wellness throughout the campus community. They would also like to provide a safe, confidential place for students’ voices to be heard, while honoring their unique strengths and challenges,” stated Steven McFarlin of the DMC Counseling Center. “Our counselors are licensed clinicians who have a wide range of professional interests.”

The Counseling Center supports campus wellness by providing programs and events throughout the year on a variety of topics. Wellness To-Go Workshops, Psychoeducational Presentations for Classes and Groups, Pet Therapy Events and Let’s Talk Events are among the options.

There are many benefits in seeking counseling including increased social skills, feelings of support, reduced feelings of Isolation, and also to gain insight and perspective from others.

Students everywhere deal with a lot of the same issues. Some are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression. Others may have problems with their relationships and just need an unbiased opinion. Those who have family concerns, those dealing with grief with the loss of a loved one or someone they cared deeply for. Students who may have self-esteem or body image concerns. Those who have endured sexual assault and trauma. Students who may be dealing with alcohol and or drug issues.

Those who have been going through some scary times and don’t know where to turn, this center and the help it provides just might be what you are looking for.

Del Mar’s Counseling Center is located on the Heritage Campus Harvin Student Center Room 233A. The Windward Campus location is in the Health and Science Building 1 Room 262. Oso Creek Campus is by virtual appointment only. Visit and follow their social media for more information.

3 thoughts on “Center promotes mental health

  1. Upon reading this article, I am so grateful that Delmar has opened its doors for programs like this. Mental health can affect anyone and everyone and these assortment of programs may just be the help someone needs. I’ve actual seen signs for “The Group Pet Therapy” and wish I had a chance to peek.

  2. This is one of Del Mar’s many great little events that can do so much more than most people think. I think Del Mar has a very great support system. The Group Pet Therapy events are one of my favorite things Del Mar provides during finals week.

  3. This is such great news to see that Del Mar College takes mental health seriously. I really like the idea that both in-person and online options are available for students and the community. Not everyone may feel comfortable with in-person counseling, and some may just need resources.

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