Affordable concerts seen on film

Chances are it has happened to you or someone you know — The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift’s most recent tour took the world by storm and, whether you are a “Swiftie” or simply an innocent bystander, I can just about guarantee that you heard about it. Avoiding news about the Ticketmaster site crash or the extreme ticket prices was nearly impossible.

It was recently announced that a filmed version of the show would be hitting the big screen Oct. 13, and not wanting a repeat of the Ticketmaster fiasco, theaters amped up their websites and prepared for the attack.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good concert, but I also love not having to sell a kidney to go to one. What better way to get the best seat in the house, while also saving hundreds on a ticket, than to watch a concert on film? Here are just a few picks you can check out before heading to the theater this weekend.


Taylor Swift wasn’t the only one in the news recently for selling out stadiums. With a fan base just as dedicated as Swift’s, Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour continues to make headlines.

Beyoncé has been using film as an extension of her music for a while now. This documentary follows her journey as she prepares for her history-making performance as the first Black female artist to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Despite her fame, Beyoncé is usually known for keeping her private life to herself. Here she opens up about getting back into shape after the birth of her twins, as well as the sacrifices she is forced to make to execute her creative vision. Her attention to detail does not go unnoticed when you see everything come to life onstage and really makes for a spectacular concert.

If you weren’t able to catch her at the Renaissance Tour, don’t panic. The Queen Bey has announced that she too will be bringing her most recent show to theaters later this year.


I’d be crazy to make this list and not feature the Queen of Pop. After a delay due to a recent health issue, Madonna will soon join the likes of Swift and Beyoncé and hit the road with a tour celebrating four decades of her incredible career.

Over the years, many of her concerts have been made available as documentaries, but this one is perhaps the most celebrated. What started as a traditional concert doc became a film that took on a life of its own. Its focus became more about the lives of Madonna and her dancers behind the scenes. One of the more famous scenes in the film shows the group playing a risqué game of truth or dare. which was recently parodied in the video announcing her new Celebration Tour.

Performances from Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour are visually striking as they are shot in color, creating a stark contrast to the mostly black-and-white film. For those with a more modern taste in music, check out the 2022 documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me” which is the most recent release from the director of this film.


While this last pick isn’t a concert film, it does shine a light on some very important artists. While they may not get the attention that the big stars do, backup singers play a pivotal role in the success of many big-name artists. The singers featured in this documentary have worked with performers such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, just to name a few.

The singers in this film are given a chance to share their stories that detail the challenges they have faced while working in the music industry. These accounts include how others have shot to fame while lip-syncing their voices, how rock music gave their careers a new life, and the challenges that come with trying to break out as a solo artist.

While you’re likely to know the names of former backup singers Sheryl Crow and Luther Vandross, there are many whose names aren’t recognized. This film is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the artists whose voices you’ve sung along with, but whose names you’ve never known.

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