Bake sale hosted by culinary students

Baked pastries, freshly baked breads, soups, sandwiches and various drink choices are available every Tuesday at the Del Mar Oso Creek campus from noon to 1 p.m.

Chef Claudia Hurt, the main instructor for the bakery and pastry program, starts the sale by introducing the student chef in charge for the day.

“This is Anem Gallegos. She picked the recipes and set up the planning for today’s sale,” she said at the Nov. 14 bake sale. “We have savory sweets, breakfast and lunch, sandwiches and soup.”

 “This is similar to the student’s final exam,” Hurt said. “They are responsible for the menu, the items and what each student helps with and makes.”

The proceeds from the food go back into the culinary program and donations can also be made to the culinary student club.

The sale attracts students, former students and professors, and many come every week, each semester. Violeta Vasquez, a former culinary student who was a teacher’s aide and a current sonography major, comes often to the sale to see the students’ work and has great memories of the culinary program.

“All the professors are great and now that they are offering a bachelor’s program, I will think about returning,” Vasquez said.

Gallegos, a bakery and pastry major, was the student in charge of the bake sale, while admitting that she was nervous, especially with being in front of others.

“This course was my first time cooking, and this sale was the first time I set up everything,” Gallegos said. “My classmates were great and brought me up.”

Gallegos said she was most proud of the baguettes.

“The timing and position has to be right, and they came out great,” she said. “Also make sure you try the whoopie pies and the rolls.”

Gallegos summed up the most important thing when it comes to baking and culinary.

“No matter if it is for the first time, try your best and have some fun,” she said.

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