All walks of life using the bus for their daily commute

In a lively city where public transportation is the lifeline for many to be able to get to where they need to go, I embarked on the journey of taking the bus and speaking with fellow riders and their experiences.

Fortunately for me, I live off Everhart Road, so there’s a bus stop that is very close to my house and I was able to take the southside bus route. This was my first time riding the bus, so my nerves were going through the roof as I had planned on getting on the bus near my home but had no idea on where to get off and make my way home.

As a Del Mar student, if you have a valid Del Mar I.D., you can take the bus at no charge but if you do not have an I.D., it is 75 cents to get on. Finally stepping on the bus, I took a couple of minutes to myself to gather my thoughts but also to look around at the passengers and look to see who on the bus would be the most approachable. There were not that many people for a Sunday afternoon.

At the front of the bus, I met an older man named Andy who was on his way home with his friend. He said he does not currently have a driver’s license. Although Andy’s friend did not want to speak, striking up a conversation with Andy, he stated that he relies on taking the bus for his daily commute to and from work, finding relief to avoid the hectic traffic and unpredictable drivers of Corpus.

“I take the bus because I do not like the way Corpus drivers drive around town, and I don’t trust them,” Andy said.

In the back of the bus, I got to speak with a young man named Johnny, an experienced bus rider who has been used to the city’s bus routes since he was very young. Despite his familiarity with the area, he remained a man of few words, preferring to listen to music to pass the time rather than engage in conversation. He was able to share that he was en route to go babysit his niece for the afternoon. Living in Corpus and taking the bus since he was a child, Johnny knows the city like the back of his hand.

The last person I had the privilege of speaking to was a middle-aged man named Eric, a daily commuter who was making his way to his next job after just finishing one. With no access to a car, Eric uses the bus as his go-to mode of transportation. He mentioned how easy and accessible the bus is and how it allows him to fulfill his commitments and responsibilities effectively.

Eric emphasized that it’s important to note that while some people view the bus as an option, for people like him, it’s a necessity that bridges the gap between the multiple jobs he has.

These encounters shed light on the different reasons why individuals choose to ride the bus in Corpus or in general. Whether out of convenience, necessity, or just out of familiarity, the bus serves as a crucial lifeline for these commuters.

As I disembarked from the bus to a random Stripes, the different stories remained on my mind, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of those who rely on the bus to navigate.

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