Collegiate Hero Program kicks off in Harvin Center

Del Mar College faculty recently joined Coastal Bend Blood Center staff and representatives to launch a new program that lets DMC students help save lives while receiving a medal of merit. 

Sofia Jimenez, DMC SGA president, welcomed students back for the spring semester and for the launch of the Collegiate Hero Program on Jan. 24 in the Harvin Center.

“Being active in your college allows you to build connections to students, staff, faculty, administration and others in your community.” Jimenez said, “You learn leadership.” 

She told students what a difference they can make by being active with both the school and community and what impact they can have. 

Jimenez described the medal of merit as a token and believes it is much more than that by the honor of those who donate and save lives.

Jimenez acknowledged those who participate as a hero.

The Student Life and Campus Life office plans to donate $100 to the fundraising account of a student club that has the most blood donors for the semester. 

Ashley Ramirez, the CBBC community relations coordinator and education spokesperson, shared with DMC students, faculty and staff that they were thrilled to partner with DMC to launch the program.

“It is about these partnerships that we are able to continue to bring the awareness,” Ramirez said, “and the importance of donating blood in our very own community.”

“There’s no substitute for blood and there’s always a constant need for blood,” Ramirez said to emphasize the importance of donations. 

Students can earn this recognition by donating one unit of blood per semester and show their pride on graduation day. 

Students, faculty and staff at Del Mar College are invited to participate in donating blood for the Coastal Bend Blood Center. 

There are five qualifications to donate blood and save lives: eating a full meal, drinking plenty of water, bringing a valid I.D., be 17 or older, and in good health.

For more information, visit or follow their social media at Coastalbendbloodcenter via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “Collegiate Hero Program kicks off in Harvin Center

  1. For Del Mar College this is really amazing what they are doing in the Corpus Christi community in regards to donating blood.
    This is a great way for the college to show their care for the community on saving lives to donate blood and also for the students who can get recgonzied for doing such a good deed helping someone out there in need of blood.
    Many people out there need blood after accidents or for other health reasonings and knowing these students are out there helping out to save lives is truly remarkable.

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