Different reasons for using public transportation

A student I.D. is a valid bus ticket for every student at Del Mar College.

On Jan. 20, the weather was a warm and sunny 40 degrees. There was only one man out waiting to ride the bus in the weather.

Mike, even standing in the cold, was excited for the bus to go home from work.

“The pricing isn’t bad” he said.

Once on the bus, Mike was kind enough to help with directions and what route to take.  

Over the hour ride only two more people hopped on. Another man named Joe got on and laid down seats. He said he liked taking the bus because he could nap while he waited. That, and it was the cheapest option since his truck broke down.  

A young woman named Sam was the last person on the bus. She was bundled up and on her way to lunch with a friend.

“I don’t have a car right now. I ride the bus whenever I can’t get a ride,” she said.

The main thing the three all insisted on was the affordability of the bus and a lack of transportation elsewise.

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