Don’t let the stigma stop you from bus riding

There is a stigma around public transportation and that it is scary and dirty. The intimidation one might feel while getting on the bus or any form of public transportation might be enough to turn people off from riding.

This is not my first time riding the bus, but it was my first time taking this route. The bus itself was nice and cool and was clean. I expected it to be a bit busier due to riding from 4:30 to 6 p.m. During a ride on Route 4 through Flour Bluff it was very empty, and almost nobody got on during the time I was riding. While taking the route it really shows how terrible the roads are.

Harold, who worked has worked for the CCRTA for 13 years, was the driver of the bus during the ride and upon speaking with him about public transit in Corpus Christi he believed that “the bus is a good thing because it’s convenient for the people who don’t have their own transportation.”

During his years working for the bus, he thinks the service is fine and that he would not change much about the system. Also, when asked about the changes that have been made throughout his 13-year tenure he said not much has changed and the only thing that has changed is that more routes have been added.

Near the end of the ride, I spoke with David, a fellow Del Mar student. He has been riding the bus for four years and was taking it to get home. When asked about the changes he would make to the current bus system, he said, “More frequent buses would be nice, because the wait time for some routes is horrible.”

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