Latest news on construction for Heritage Campus library

A new year brings new updates on DMC construction, and possibly new project announcements

as well.

As far as the highly anticipated new White Library on Heritage Campus, Cody Gregg, dean of learning resources, said he hopes the renovated building will open this summer.

“We would like to be able to open the library up by June/July, bet there are a few things that are going on with construction that may delay this,” Gregg said.

According to Gregg, one of the top priorities of the library is to move things back in, which is also delaying the opening.

“The reason that this can take so long is because of the elevators in the building. There’s only two relatively small ones,” Gregg said.

Although the project has experienced some setbacks, Gregg still anticipates the new library to be a popular future hangout for students on campus.

“The entire first floor of the library is going to be open, and is really designed to feel like the living room of the campus,” Gregg said, as he described the new library as a full modernization from the previous version.

Another feature is the new Maker’s Space, designated with equipment to aid students in unlimited amounts of discovery and creation, as Gregg puts it.

“We’re going to have a 3D printer, we’re going to have a laser cutter, sewing machines, Cricuts, even things like Legos,” Gregg said.

Among other small upgrades in the works, Gregg confirmed plans for a coffee shop on the first floor and what he reveals to be his favorite feature.

“The fifth floor has windows all around, 360 degrees of glass,” he said. “The views from up there are pretty incredible, and just looking out and being able to look out over the city I think is a really cool feature.”

John Strybos, vice president and chief physical facilities officer, said the trip to the fifth floor of the library will be worth it for the view.

“You’ll go up there once and you won’t want to leave. You’ll go back every day,” Strybos said.

Strybos also revealed the anticipated opening of other renovations across campus.

“The Music Building will be ready for students in the summer semester,” Strybos said. “The Memorial Building will be ready the fall of 2024.”

According to Strybos, the Music Building will be renovated into a general classroom building, and the Memorial Building will be converted into the new administration building.

Ultimately, the renovations are designed to accommodate the needs of the students, Strybos said.

“We look forward to having these buildings completed to serve to students,” Strybos said.

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