Opinion: Del Mar youth can learn from their older peers

Dolores Saucida / Staff writer

When looking around campus, I see an older generation boldly taking on the task of education again. I find myself very proud of the younger college students who have embraced the older generation attempting to invent a new self.

When you reach a certain age you feel that you have done what you can and you are where you are, then reality strikes: you have become obsolete.   Then opportunity strikes with a chance to go back to school and learn new and innovative ideas in hopes that you and others from an older generation may find work to continue to care for yourselves.

The race between young and older can become very competitive. However, where the young have the energy and many great new ideas, the older generation has life lessons and wisdom to share.  Where the young still needs to find themselves, the older are more settled and wanting to get things done and prove they are a real benefit and asset to a company.  We can all learn from each other and the young should not underestimate the rewards of having the wisdom and drive of an older person in their corner.

I am very proud to be part of Del Mar College and to have met and have had the opportunity to interact with the best and brightest of our community, and if they continue to be respectful to everyone around them as many are, the young will have some of the brightest futures.

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