Zumba-thon for a walkathon

Photo by Skjar Ramano
Chelsea Schulze instructs Zumba at the DMC Gym.

Skjar Ramano / Staff editor

Saturday September 29, Del Mar College provided a public zumba class to help raise money for this year’s American Heart Walk. The Zumba-A-Thon took place in the Kinesiology Complex (Gym) at Del Mar’s East Campus between 1 and 3 pm which former student and certified gym instructor, Chelsea Schulze, volunteered to instruct.

Joyce Salina, Administrative assistant, said the class was a “low key, last minute effort” to help bring in donations.

The Zumba-A-Thon was sponsored through the Department of Kinesiology, Department of Nurse Education and President’s Office said Salina. Del Mar’s goal was to raise $3,000 for the American Heart Walk.

The people that signed up to take part in the Zumba-A-Thon were asked to donate five dollars. At the end of the class over fifty dollars had been raised for the American Heart Walk.

The American Heart Association is a non-profitable organization whose mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Saturday, October 6, Corpus Christi had its American Heart Walkathon starting 8 am at Heritage Park.

Last year Del Mar College participated in the walk and made their goal which was to raise $1,000. This year Del Mar College had a new goal of raising $3,000.

Besides attending the 5k walk and providing a zumba class, Del Mar had sent out countless emails for the campus and public to help raise money and bring awareness to the people for the American Heart Walk.

The walk consisted of volunteers, families and friends all showing support for the fight against heart problems. Along with the walk there were fitness sections, snack and food stations and venders bringing awareness to the American Heart Association.

As of October 3, “Del Mar Vikings had a team that consisted of 34 people,” (Tina Butler, Executive Assistant to the President) within each team there were groups and the group leaders who raised the most money were awarded a prize.

Anyone who raised over a hundred dollars was able to get an American Heart Association shirt.

October 6 was the deadline for The American Heart walk, but donations are still being accepted. Checks should be made out to the American Heart Association. Del Mar was just one of the many teams that came out to support the American Heart Association, support their purpose of raising funds to save lives.

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