Hot shots compete for bragging rights


Devin Tyler / Staff Writer

Ten students tested their long-range shots in the basketball gymnasium for Del Mar College Intramural Hot Shot Basketball Contest on November 29th.
The participation for the event was very successful with some students still wanting to partake in the event but unfortunately could not, due to late registration.
A 45 second shot clock was given for each of the contestants two rounds during the event. Within those 45 seconds there was a rack of basketballs to be shot in 3 locations on one half of the court. Both left and right corners of the three-point line and the top of the three-point line were the shot selection all contest had to shoot from.
After the first round of the competition, the five contestants who advanced to the next round were culinary major Elton Dwight Rives, liberal arts major John Lara, Kinesiology major Angel Riojas, liberal arts major Christian Mercado, liberal arts major Ray Botello and Kinesiology major Dave Patrick.
On average, most of the five contestants who advanced made around 3-8 shots per 45 second round. After the second round results were tallied by Intramural director Prince Macon and Intramural staff Rilwan Sanusi a champion was announced.
“Del Mar Intramurals is just a great way to keep students involved with sports. Some students aren’t familiar with intramurals so it’s an all-around good event to have for students. Its al about having fun, interacting with other students and making friends,” said Sanusi.
Dave Patrick was announced as the winner and received a Del Mar gym sack, sport thermostat, and an Intramural T-shirt.
“I don’t even want to play because I know I am going to win,” said Patrick sarcastically before the competition.
The last event for Del Mar Intramurals was the Tennis Tournament held on the next day.
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