Several thefts reported on campus

Teen arrested after
being chased by
Del Mar Students 

By Alexandria RodriguezReporter

Since the start of the spring semester there have been four thefts on campus.

According to the Del Mar College Crime Blotter, there have been three cases of theft from the Kinesiology Building and an auto burglary, one of them leading to an arrest.

A suspicious teen was seen outside a dance class in the Kinesiology Building and fled when he was questioned by faculty. Several students chased after him while the Corpus Christi Police Department and campus security responded to the call, according to the Crime Blotter. When arrested the teen had several student IDs, a prescription medication belonging to a staff member, and several cellphones.

According to KRIS-TV, police believe 17-year-old Adam Longoria is responsible for the recent thefts at Del Mar. Since the thefts Del Mar campus security has increased its security around the Kinesiology Building.

“Never leave your valuables in plain sight. Put them in the trunk or try to hide them under your seat,” said Hector Barrera, an auto theft task force detective with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

Having an alarm system will help as well as parking your car in an area that is well-lit and visible to other people, according to Barrera.

“Don’t leave your keys in the car, don’t leave your car unlocked, and don’t keep an extra key somewhere in your car, because someone will find them,” Barrera said. “It sounds simple, but a lot of people do it.”

According to, college security monitors surveillance cameras every day, has routine campus safety patrols and responds to assistance calls immediately.

To report a crime on campus, call 361-698-1199.

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