Disc Go Round marks record day


Kaliegh BenckEditor-in-chief

The third Saturday of April may not be eventful for some, but music buffs wait an entire year for this date. Disc-go-Round, along with record stores nationwide, will host Record Store Day on April 19.

Record Store Day was an idea conceived in 2007 by Baltimore-based vinyl enthusiasts and was celebrated for the first time in 2008. Now internationally recognized and celebrated, this annual gathering of vintage-loving music junkies is celebrated with special issuances of vinyl and CDs, meet-and-greets with bands, performances and much more.

Justin Pico, owner of Disc-go-Round, has already put in orders for the listed, and very limited, releases set for Record Store Day. Unfortunately, because of the limited nature of these releases, Pico isn’t guaranteed every single thing will arrive.

“There are over 400 releases this year and almost everything has already been ordered, at least one copy of it,” Pico said. “We don’t know what we’re gonna get at least until the week of.”

Those who have kept a watchful eye on this exclusive list have already inquired for specific albums, unaware that Pico and his staff can’t determine what will and will not come in. Pico says he expects comments and questions of what they’ll receive for the special day and while it can get annoying at times, he’s glad that people are getting excited about it.

In celebration of Record Store Day, Disc-go-Round will have performances by the Blind Owls, Denim Hares, Microphonic and Rene Sandoval, an employee of the store.

Cate Grimes, an employee of two years, says that she and the staff are ready for this year’s event. With every associate working April 19, Disc-go-Round will be able to handle the rush of eager music lovers.

“Everyone’s gonna be here,” Grimes said. “It’s gonna be a madhouse.”

Along with performances from local favorites, Disc-go-Round will also be giving away 100 bags along with surprises. A free record will also be awarded for every dollar spent in the store on this day. A selection of these free records will be set aside to choose from.

Last year people started camping outside the building at 1 a.m. For those who have never attended Record Store Day, Grimes had a small bit of advice: “Just get here early!”


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