Students enjoy new bus routes

Rilwan Sanusi / Reporter

Del Mar College students have had a mostly positive reaction to the new RTA bus schedule, which was changed last spring. While routes used to include stops every 30 minutes, several, including those that hit East Campus, now arrive every 15 minutes.

Joshua Guajardo, a 25-year-old Del Mar College student, has been riding the bus for two years. The changes have made his trip to and from campus much easier and quicker, he said.

Another student, Kyle Velasco, who has also ridden the bus for two years, agreed that the bus goes much faster and the time schedule for each bus is suitable for him.

Rafael Segoria, a liberal arts major, has been taking the bus for four years and likes the new routes because his dropoff spot is closer to home. However, he did complain about the heating on the bus after a week of cold weather last month.

While most were pleased with the new routes, there were some complaints. Velasco said he would like to see more route improvements because the No. 5 bus no longer goes to the naval base, complicating his route.

Tyler Smith, who majors in occupation safety, would like to see more buses added to ease crowding and further increase the frequency of pickups.

Although there were some good reviews about the RTA buses, some adjustment needs to be made to make the bus a lot more convenient, some students said.

There is one thing all students agreed on: Free rides offered to Del Mar students with a college ID make the minor troubles worth it.

Meagan Falcon

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