Quick, inexpensive and across the street

El Alteño offers many
options for those on budget

Living in Corpus Christi makes it easy to find a Mexican restaurant. It seems there is one on almost every corner, so finding one within walking distance of East Campus was no problem. We decided to go to Taqueria el Alteño, at 2601 Ayers St. We were sure to find a homemade Mexican meal plus a drink for $10 or less.


We were greeted as soon as we took our seats and were given complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were so hard it made me wonder how long they were under the lamp. Our very pregnant waitress took our beverage orders and offered to put our drinks in to-go cups. She was quick with our drink order and asked if we were ready to order some food, but I took this opportunity to ask for some chips that were edible. She was sweet and brought them out right away.

As I looked over the very organized menu I decided to order the No. 12 Plato Alteño, which had beef fajitas with grilled onions, beans covered in Monterey cheese, a small salad and fresh tortillas. While waiting for our food to arrive a very nice gentleman came in and played a little bit of Spanish ranchero music. The man truly had talent and set the ambiance in the restaurant.

We only waited six minutes and our hot, steamy food arrived at our table. My plate was an impressive size and smelled delicious. The fajitas were a little tough but had a great flavor after I ate them all up. I was full and very satisfied. The food was good and the prices were even better.

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $10.32



Across the street from East Campus, Alteño’s restaurant is every customer’s quick fix for good Mexican food. The staff is on their toes as they instantly recognize a new customer so you don’t have to wave down a waitress and add to their confusion. Salsa with chips is complimentary but depending if you beat the lunch rush you’ll miss out on them being fresh, which is really what you want.

The taqueria gives good service especially when your drink is empty and the meal itself is indeed stacked.

I ordered the No. 15 Plato Guadalajara, which came with beef mixed with grilled onions, red peppers and green peppers. The aroma of the fresh flour tortillas tempts you. My plate was well built with baked beans, Spanish rice, lettuce, a tomato slice and guacamole.

As well as off-the-street customers, students have been known to enter the restaurant in groups. The atmosphere is what you expect so long as a musician shows up (as they always do) around lunchtime to entertain the guests and set the tone at Alteño’s.

If you’re looking for a well-priced meal, walk on over to Alteño’s Mexican restaurant.

Rating: 3/5
Price: $10.29


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