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sam douty
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Welcome to Del Mar College, Vikings! If this is your first semester here, there’s a lot to know. Fortunately, the Foghorn is here for you.

The Foghorn is the DMC student newspaper, and it’s exactly that — a newspaper produced by students for students. This Orientation issue is a bit different in that we open the issue to all departments on campus to help them spread their message. We want students to know what’s going on, and the easiest way to do that for this first issue is to give the departments a place to keep students informed. If you see a story in this issue without a byline, it’s from the college itself.

As a rule, the college doesn’t decide what goes in the Foghorn. The Editorial Board, composed entirely of students, does, but we do it best when you get involved. So if you know of something going on around campus or even in the community, let us know so we can share it with your fellow students.

Don’t forget to check us out on the Web, at www.foghornnews.com, as well on your favorite social media sites.

We print a new Foghorn every two weeks, but we try to keep students updated daily online.

Good luck this semester, Viking!




Samantha Douty,


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