Don’t just go to class; be part of the college

As a new semester starts and new students venture into the rooms of Del Mar College, the main question that arises is, “What can I do this year?” For many, the semester includes going to school, work, home and repeat. For others it is getting involved around campus.

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Students working at the Career kiosk help others on what they plan on majoring in at Del Mar College.

For those of you who are planning on just going to class and blowing through the year, think twice. The best thing to do at DMC is to get involved. There are many helpful and exciting things that go on around the different campuses, and one of the only ways to know about it is to put yourself out there and find a club or group that can act as your second home while going to school.

Last spring semester during the May meeting of the Board of Regents, a blanket tobacco ban was unanimously approved. The reason was because students and faculty members involved on campus proposed the idea. Whether you are for or against the decision is a different story, but to have a voice, you need to be involved.

Faculty and staff aren’t the only people who can affect the college and the actions taken to improve it for everyone.

Students are important too, but until you look at the boards in the hallways and read about current events on campus, you won’t know what’s going on until it’s too late, and you won’t have a chance to be the possible change that affects Del Mar College for future generations.

With the latest ruling on the open-carry of guns on campus for community colleges, which goes into effect in fall 2017, some major decisions will be made by Del Mar.

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Students and others gather in the Harvin Center last year during a STEM job fair. Many events are set in the Harvin Center, including Rush Week, which is Sept. 14-18 for anyone looking to join a club.

The only way to ensure your thoughts are heard and the decision you want made affects the college’s decisions is to get involved. If you don’t get involved and open your eyes to everything occurring around you, you are allowing other people to make the decision for you, and you are agreeing to listen to their voice instead of using your own.

There are a number of ways to get involved on campus. For instance there are programs such as the Student Government Association (SGA), which act as the vocal piece of the entire student body. They try to ensure that they represent all students by holding surveys that are sent to all student emails.

This is an easy way to be heard, and it is a simple survey that could possibly affect future discussions and events with the college.

Another mouthpiece for the student body is the Press Club, the Foghorn (the student newspaper), and The Siren (the student literary magazine). None of these are controlled by the college, and they are written by students for students. Any student who has something to say or question can make an impact on what goes in the Foghorn because we, as students, decide what goes in it.

Foghorn file

The Del Mar College Foghorn gathers together outside of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) in San Antonio, Texas. Students with similar interests who came together doing what they love by getting involved.

If you are unsure of which clubs or activities to get involved in on campus, there is a week directed for that specific purpose: Rush Week. This week happens every semester, and it is designed to help students know what programs are available and how to get involved. This year, Rush Week is Sept. 14-18 in the Harvin Center on East Campus.

There will be dozens of booths and tables so interested students can talk to club representatives and learn what they have to offer.

It doesn’t hurt to go out and try something new and get involved around campus. Getting involved is truly the only way to know what is happening on campus, and it makes the short time here at Del Mar even more enjoyable.

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