New gun law not in effect until 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed a bill allowing Texans with concealed-carry permits to bring their handguns into public college campus buildings, but students and employees should not toss their gun into a backpack just yet. For four-year colleges and universities in Texas, the law goes into effect in August 2016, but the law doesn’t take effect for community colleges until fall 2017.

Under the concealed-carry bill, students can carry their registered handgun in and out of buildings; however, the law reserves individual campuses the right and ability to designate “gun-free” zones.

Guns on Campus?

Abbott, who signed the bill in June at Red’s Indoor Range in Pflugerville, also signed a bill allowing Texans with concealed-carry permits to carry their weapons in plain view without having to conceal them.

Del Mar College officials plan to set policy and possible gun-free zones before the law takes effect. For now, the current DMC policy stays in effect. Students and staff or faculty who are licensed concealed handgun permit holders by law must keep their weapons locked in their vehicle.

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