It’s called the Success Center for a reason

For many students at Del Mar College, there are numerous re- sources for academic growth and development for almost every subject. Help is always available on campus for any problems or concerns that a student may have. Two such resources are the Stone Writing Center in the White Library, dedicated to providing students with help in English courses, and the math center in the Coles Classroom building for those seeking extra clarification. These helpful centers are housed with professors and teacher’s aides with years of experience in the subject matter, but for some students this can be a little intimidating.

The Student Success Center, or SSC, is a center for developmental, educational and helpful resources that offers numerous tutoring options and workshops provided by fellow students on campus. The center is located on the lower level of the St. Clair Building and is open and available at convenient times.

Student workshops and seminars are also held in the SSC from 12:30-1:30 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday in Room 119, where topics can range from academics to health and wellness.Topics are strategically chosen by surveys that are given and completed by students as well as faculty members. The idea is to promote growth in a student’s development and academic career. For a complete schedule on upcoming topics visit www.del-

Aside from providing the Technology Resource Center where Del Mar students can check out laptops and graphing calculators with a valid student ID, there are also tutoring and seminars available. This is where students can come and learn in a peer-to-peer environment where their fellow classmates are their qualified tutors. There are numerous peer-to-peer tutoring centers on campus including the Veterans Center in the Harvin Center. Tutoring sessions can occur in small groups covering many subjects, or on a one-on- one basis.

There are about 15 tutors who are knowledgeable in subjects such as math, chemistry, government and English, among others. The tutors have set schedules so there is always someone available for any subject at any time. Students can feel more comfortable and open to learn from someone who is equivalent to them in terms of academics and status.


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Satchel Hamilton (left), a tutor with the Student Success Center, joins in a student’s celebration for successfully solving an algebra problem.

There are many benefits associated with peer-to-peer tutoring including improved academic achievements, as well as a boost of self-esteem and confidence.

Among these beneficial attributes are improved studying habits and a more positive and active look on school as a whole. Hector Gonzalez, a student at Del Mar, uses the peer tutoring for his chemistry courses.

“They’re really patient and help me understand the material on a more casual and relaxed level,” Gonzalez said.

The tutors at the centers go through official training and become certified tutors so students are assured they are receiving the best help possible.

Stephen Hernandez, who has been with the SSC since July, enjoys the benefits of knowing the student is at ease with understanding course material.

“I enjoy the respect that I earn from helping others, but most of all I enjoy knowing that I have made a difference in the students academic career,” Hernandez said.

The Student Success Center’s workshops and seminars are provided by those who are ready to help others understand and succeed in all areas. Students are welcome to visit the center to gain more useful and helpful tips regarding their education and well-being.

For more information about resources and upcoming events involving the Student Success Center, call (361) 698-2259.

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