SGA starts survey for health clinic

The Student Government Association voted to start a student survey on the need for an on campus health clinic at its Feb. 17 meeting.

Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership & Campus Life, presented the idea of the clinic in the discussion portion of the meeting.

“I had an exciting meeting with (nursing instructor) Deborah Skoruppa and she wants a health facility for students,” Cage said. “The diabetes center on the second floor of HS1 (Health Science) building is vacant. It would be a good location for the facility.”

The previous diabetes center was relocated from West Campus to a new location on Water Street because of the increase in size.

Every instructor in nursing has to have a Ph.D. to teach and all are nurse practitioners. All of the nurse practitioners have to continue practicing medicine to maintain their license.

“This facility would give the instructors a place to practice medicine and somewhere the students can learn,” Cage said.

According to Cage, the location in HS1 already contains a file room and exam rooms. The only things necessary to get the facility running are people and some equipment.

“There are six nurse practitioners on campus and some of those instructors can write prescriptions,” Cage said. “It would be great even if the facility had something simple like meningitis shots.”

Community colleges such as North Lake College, Houston Community College and McLennan Community College all have a health clinic for students.

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