‘Eddie the Eagle’ soars onto the big screen

“Eddie the Eagle” is the story of Eddie Edwards and his improbable journey to become an Olympic ski jumper. This movie was originally slated to come out in April but was pushed to February and also had a surprise screening at the Sundance Film Festival. It received some good buzz at its screening, which garnered attention from moviegoers awaiting the release. Considering that some biopics could be either hit or miss, this one is a feel-good movie that should be seen.

In 1987, Eddie (Taron Egerton) dreams of competing in the Winter Olympics for Great Britain in ski jumping. There had never been a British ski jumper in the Olympics, and many people don’t think he was worthy of competing. Some officials even try to create inconveniences for Eddie to shut him down. But this doesn’t stop Eddie from trying to compete as he gets help from Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) to better his skills to prove all the people who doubted him wrong and make history for Great Britain.

Eddie-The-Eagle-Movie-1Twentieth Century Fox

Taron Egerton (left) and Hugh Jackman celebrate a successful jump at the Winter Olympics in “Eddie the Eagle,” a biopic about Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.

After “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” Egerton proves in this film he’s not a one-hit wonder as he nails the role of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. He channels the energy of Edwards, adding an underdog vibe that the audiences can get behind. Jackman also does a great job as Eddie’s trainer, although his character is fictionalized for film purposes. The film also does a great job capturing the intensity of each jump Eddie had to make by doing shots that feel as if you’re doing the jumps with him.

Director Dexter Fletcher does a good job directing and setting up each scene making you feel as if you’re in the moment. The film’s pacing is also well done, balancing the time spent on each moment well.

However, the movie isn’t quite accurate to the tee as some scenes will leave viewers wondering if they really happened or not, especially with a scene were Jackman’s character does something that honestly felt just for the sake of making him seem cool. But this can be easily forgiven as the rest of the film holds up and it is refreshing to see a movie about an athlete who doesn’t necessarily come out on top, but doesn’t give up and accomplishes a goal that he sets up for himself.

“Eddie the Eagle” is a feel- good film that many people should go out and see in theaters. Although not quite 100 percent accurate, this movie is still one to take your whole family to see.


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