Foghorn staffers say their goodbyes to Del Mar College



Samantha Douty


It saddens me that this is my last issue of the Foghorn. My time at Del Mar College and the Foghorn are coming to a close, but I will never forget my time here.

I started at the Foghorn my first semester at DMC. I was in my mass communication class, when Robert Muilenburg offered extra credit to anyone who worked for the paper. Me, being the nerd I am, jumped at the opportunity, and I am grateful I did.

I worked for the newspaper in high school and I promised myself I wouldn’t continue in the field of journalism. But after going into the lab for extra credit I was hooked. I have spent more time in the journalism lab than I have in my own home.

The Foghorn lab has become my home and the staff has become my family, even if we are all a bit dysfunctional. I love each and every one of them, some more than others.

With the help of lab adviser Scott Beckett and Muilenburg, I am now set up for success. Not only success in future classrooms, but success in the journalism industry. I have made many connections in the industry and because of their guidance I will be attending the University of Texas at Arlington.

Along with the connections to the journalism world I have made, I have met my best friend, Cayce. I never would have thought the two of us would be friends, mostly because we are both hard-headed, and were up for the same position. But, after months of working closely together, I am happy to call her my friend. Little does she know, she is stuck with me forever even after I move six-and-a-half hours away.

I don’t know how I will get through the rest of my college career without Cayce’s humor and sisterly advice. Looks like I have to call her every night.

I may be moving miles and miles away, but nobody in the Foghorn lab will be able to avoid me. They get to look forward to numerous phone calls and Skype conversations. I wouldn’t trade my time at the Foghorn for anything in the world.

As editor-in-chief at the Foghorn I have had tremendous opportunities. I have won numerous awards, including Editor of the Year and the Warms Scholarship.

But, none of those accolades measure up to the people I have welcomed into my life.

It has been fun, for the most part, and an experience I will never forget.

Thank you students and faculty for letting me share the news of our campus with you. And thank you Foghorn staff for welcoming me to your dysfunctional family.

This viking is now a maverick.

Cayce-MugCayce Berryman
Managing editor

When I first walked into the journalism adviser’s office, I only wanted to know about the available degrees at Del Mar College involving writing. Soon after, the assistant professor of journalism, Robert Muilenburg, handed me my degree plan and proceeded to tell me my first three classes would be with him. My first thought? I wanted out.

Now, I couldn’t be more thankful for the miscommunication.

I started by writing articles then took photos, became a copy editor, and after a “ fierce brawl” with Samantha Douty over the editor-in-chief position, I took on the role as managing editor, and we’ve been best friends ever since. She doesn’t know it yet, but moving to Dallas won’t be enough distance. She’s stuck with me.

It took awhile to get to that, though. During my first out-of-town experience with the staff in spring 2015, I made my first actual Foghorn friendship attempts. I was forced into a room with two girls who I thought would not make my weekend worth the free trip — because free trips require commitment — but that, was incredible, too.

That same weekend, Scott Beckett, the lab adviser, talked with me about my growing interest in copy editing, as well as my “talent” as a writer. I was willing to say I was relatively good at writing.

“You’re more than relatively good at it,” he said.

Hearing that meant more than he probably thought or intended. From there, I learned everything I could, seeking critique and help in my photography, writing, editing and design. Even when the writing I presented wasn’t a news article or news photo, both Muilenburg and Beckett were more than willing to help. More than that, they wanted to help.

Spring 2016, Muilenburg recommended me to a friend of his so I could take her wedding photos. Beckett told me I should apply for a job on the Central Desk at the Caller-Times as a designer. I got the job. They didn’t hesitate to flood me with opportunity.

I also earned Photojournalist of the Year, as well as nine other statewide awards at a conference, another amazing experience.

I’ve met some of the most incredible people here, and I truly don’t know where I would be without their encouragement and help. I might be leaving Del Mar, which has been a college of development more than it has been a quick passage, as I originally thought it would be. I’ve been to a few different colleges, but this one has allowed me to do more than learn — it’s allowed me to experience and grow. It’s a funny thing to say I’ve had the college experience because here, it wasn’t one full of parties and drinking; it was one that created long-lasting friendships and connections that I plan on keeping — bugging, even — from time to time. So, yes, I’m leaving. But, only as a student. Now, I’ll be close by as a professional, or that’s what they call me.

Either way, they’re stuck with me. “Kayce” is signing off.

Gabriel-Myers-MugforwebGabriel Meyers


Coming to Del Mar was a blessing in disguise for me. I spent my first year of college majoring in something that I didn’t want to do, and afterward I was searching for something to build toward.

Del Mar has helped guide me toward my dream of one day being a sportscaster.

With the help of my professors, I realized that this is what I want to do, and Del Mar has started me on that path.

My love for writing and talking about sports will now be a big part of my future career.

The Foghorn helped me start writing about sports, even when at first I really didn’t know what I was doing writing for a newspaper. The Foghorn even let me write other columns for them such as Economic Crunch, entertainment reviews and, at one point, even a opinion piece.

The Foghorn really helped me get better as a writer, and for that I’m truly grateful.

I would like to thank lab adviser Scott Beckett and assistant professor Robert Muilenburg for helping me and allowing me to improve as a writer under their advisement.

My time at Del Mar may have been short, but I got more out of it than I ever though I would have.

Thank you to my fellow Foghorn staff members for making my time here at Del Mar memorable.

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