Collegiate marks Green Ribbon Week

Students compete to see who can collect more goods for local food bank

Mia Estrada
Collegiate High School

Collegiate High School celebrated Green Ribbon Week Oct. 11-14. This is the week students piece together more of their future professions. Green Ribbon Week was initially discussed with Student Council officials; they established the structure of different themes for each day of the week. The week was commemorated with themes: College T-shirt Tuesday, Professional Wear Wednesday, Jersey Thursday and Frat House Friday.

Throughout the week, students dressed up as different personas of their future selves. The Student Council arranged lessons of the day, encompassing students to learn about their careers’ criteria and to learn more about college opportunities by signing up for Cappex.

Imelda Gallegos, a junior at Collegiate High School, said Green Ribbon Week made her consider her future.

“Green Ribbon Week informed about college readiness by thinking of what I should start doing to get into a university,” she said. “It made me think about my goals when I start and finish college. This week has informed me about my future college career by looking into universities that offer the career I would like to pursue in.”

To contribute to Green Ribbon Week, Collegiate High School held a competition for students, referring to as Fraternity Versus Sorority, a competition to see who could collect the most canned goods to help feed our community.

With the guidance of Mr. Wisner, who held the Fraternity barrel, and Mrs. Watson, who held the Sorority barrels, students were able to compete in a weeklong competition of collecting the most goods for our local Food Bank. On Oct. 14, the Food Bank of Corpus Christi arrived to pick up the canned goods. The competition resulted with the Fraternity barrel containing 96 items and the Sorority with 73 items.

To end Green Ribbon Week, the Student Council held “Recreational Day” on Frat House Friday. Recreational Day was held after school in the central quad. It included music, drinks, food, frisbee and other games. Students were allowed to bring blankets for picnics; socializing was the key factor.

The Student Council held this day for students to relieve stress from the past six weeks. It was designed to remind students to have fun. Personally, this was a very successful week. It granted me the opportunity to look into my future profession; it reminded me that I am close to ending my high school years.

With Green Ribbon Week, I feel more aware of different possibilities for life after high school, and it encouraged me to be open minded to different colleges. Frat House Friday indeed relieved stress from the first six weeks — a nice cold beverage and friends naturally released tension.

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