Upperclassmen take on mentor roles

Hailey Gonzalez

Collegiate High School

The Helping Improve Peers (HIP) Program at Collegiate High School is a program that offers the chance for seniors and juniors to help and mentor underclassmen with homework, advice and just anything involving school. This program is a great chance for the freshmen to experience more of the school and their peers and to become prepared for the years ahead.

I recently interviewed one of my HIP mentors, a senior at Collegiate High School. My mentor chose to stay anonymous, but he gave great advice and tips from his own experience as a Collegiate High School student. After all, he has been a student longer than the other grade level students and is just a little bit wiser.

Q: How has your experience been with collegiate high school?

A: My experience at Collegiate has been a very challenging but fun one. The work is constantly testing you and pushing your boundaries farther than you thought I could go, which in the long run really prepares you for your future.

Q: Have any teachers/staff members inspired you to do something you thought could never be accomplished?

A: Mr. Sellers definitely helped me to stop setting barriers on myself and to stop saying I couldn’t do certain things. Basically kept pushing the idea that you don’t know unless you try.

Q: Do you have any advice for any underclassmen?

A: Don’t procrastinate. Do all the work as soon as you can in order to stay ahead.

Q: Do you have any regrets coming to Collegiate?

A: No regrets whatsoever. Yeah it’s a bummer that it’s a small school and there’s no sports, but you get so far ahead of the game that it’s worth it. While your friends are just starting college and are having to get jobs just to pay for the classes, Collegiate students will already be going for their bachelor’s without spending a dime up until then.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future? What university do you want to go to? What career path do you want to take?

A: Well I’m joining the Army Reserves, so after Collegiate, I will go to boot camp then go back to college and get my bachelor’s. After that, I will go active into the Army as an officer in combat engineering.

The HIP Program has helped me in many ways. My mentors have showed me around the campus, given advice on staying caught up with my school work, and offered help on my school work. My mentors have also been really kind and understandable; they have showed me how kind the whole school is and I’m glad I gained new friends during this experience. I’m delighted to be a Collegiate Royal!

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