High school students look ahead at college, career expo

Isabella Gutierrez

Collegiate High School

The Coastal Bend Area College and Career Night Expo opened its door at 7 p.m. Oct. 11 with high school and prospective transfer students pouring in just to get their chance to speak with college representatives, career experts and admissions counselors. This event, held in the American Bank Center Exhibit Hall A, was filled with over 50 colleges and technical programs in and out of Texas, which provided students with the opportunity to become aware of the possibilities for their future. Hot topics of the night included financial aid, scholarships and admissions.

As a Corpus Christi ISD Superintendent Student Ambassador, I was able to oversee and assist college representatives in the process of setting up and establishing their booths. Once the doors opened, my job was to walk around to see if anyone needed help finding colleges and assisting the representatives. Throughout the night as I walked around, I began to ask questions to students in regards to their views of how the night was going.

Saul Azua, a junior at Collegiate High School, said he thought the best part of the expo was having so much information in one place.

“I learned things that I never knew about, even about some of the universities that I was considering after senior year,” he said. “Such as, some of the classes that I’ve completed at Del Mar could have some issues transferring. Also, I learned about programs that related to my major that I didn’t know about prior to this event. Most importantly, I learned what I should know before applying to my desired university, such as SAT scores and GPA requirements.”

This type of answer seemed to be a trend across the board as many students gained vital information for their future academic careers.

As for myself, I was able to look around and speak to various college representatives, not only clearing the haze for my future but also diminishing the stress associated with applying to college. College applications, whether an incoming freshman or a community college transfer student, can be a hectic and overwhelming process, but events like these relieve some of that pressure. This event is held every year, so if you missed this year’s, go next year.

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