Del Mar to remain open through water contamination

Late Wednesday night city officials announced that the water supply had been contaminated and was unsafe both for consumption and general use.

Around 4:30 this morning a DMC alert went out informing students, faculty and staff that the college would continue normal operations.

Unlike the three previous water boils this year the water cannot be boiled or filtered to make it safe for use. According to the Caller Times, two chemicals, Indulin AA-86 and hydrochloric acid, were found in the water supply.

The campuses remained open today and the school made bottled water and hand sanitizer available to staff as supplies permitted, however it is recommended that bottled water be brought from home as the college is not a distribution point for the public.

The Dining Hall has been closed but all other services are still operating. It is unclear at this time if the school will be open tomorrow, Dec. 16, or not.

If you are not currently signed up for DMC alerts, you can log in to your WEBDMC account and click on the DMC Alert link and update your emergency contact information.  

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