Buying books? Explore all your options before buying

Mark Young


One of the largest departures from high school for many college students is having to buy your own books. The often-pricey textbooks are a vital part of success in the classroom and are commonly required by many professors. While the Del Mar College Bookstore, on the first floor in the Harvin Center, offers nearly every required textbook, it is not the only way to buy textbook. Knowing your options could bring steep savings.

DMC education major Analysa Hinojosa checked both online and in the on-campus bookstore for the textbooks she needed. While she noticed some prices cheaper online, she chose the convenience of the DMC Bookstore, partly because her financial aid benefits covered the bulk of the cost.

Many students without financial aid assistance turn to the Internet, which offers more options for often less money.

Many online retailers offer cheaper alternatives such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, while some sites sell textbooks from other students around the country. While personal preference factors into how a person buys a book, there are still some stark differences on the prices.

With our super connected world, finding your textbook is easy. Finding one that is affordable is also easy, but requires a little work. If you’re in a pinch, the DMC Bookstore is probably your best bet to find the textbook you need fast. If you have some time and need to find a better option for your budget, the websites listed below have some great options for whatever book you need.

Aside from the DMC bookstore, all other sites listed are subject to price changes. The sites also have different policies concerning renting and used books. We recommend reading up on each website’s specific policies and using whichever website is best for you.)


Mathematics All Around (5th Edition)
math book

Del Mar College Bookstore

Used – $156.90

New – $209.20

New Rental – $198.75

Used Rental – $149.10

Used – $44.15

Rent – $22.49 – $25.69

eTextbook buy – $126.99

eTextbook rent – $86.99

Rent – $20.99

Buy new – $168.99

Buy used – $48.99

eTextbook rent – $89.10


Barnes & Noble

Rent (60 day) – $41.88

Buy New – $166.90

Buy Used – $91.78 (an eBay subsidiary)

Buy Used/New – $25 – $276.61


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