Collegiate students get first taste of college classes

Collegiate students begin DMC classes


Imelda Gallegos

Collegiate High School


The new semester has begun for Collegiate High School and Del Mar students. Jan. 17 was the first day students began college classes and the semester will end on May 10.

Starting a new semester for students brings stress and excitement. Students will start their regular routines of waking up early for a class, working on projects and turning in assignments on due dates.

For many Collegiate students, this can be a nerve-wracking challenge. Having to deal with more work on top of regular high school classes can especially be difficult for the new freshmen.

“I feel curious about my first college class. It’s something I have never done before so it could be the best experience of my life or the worst experience of my life. If anything, I’m curious on how it’s going to turn out,” said Elijah Rodriguez, a freshman at Collegiate High School.

Some Collegiate High School freshmen taking their first college class can have more nerves about the new semester.

“I feel more nervous than excited. I don’t know what to expect this semester,” said Hailey Gonzalez, freshman.

As well for upperclassmen, the semester can be more stressful due to more challenges and life problems.

Junior Clarissa Juarez said she is already looking ahead to summer.

“I am looking forward to finishing this semester honestly. I am stressed out with mostly life out of school, but school is a part of my stress,” Juarez said.

Most students are stressed for the new semester, but a new semester means new goals can be set, whether they be short- or long-term goals.

“I hope to achieve great grades and get more out of my comfort zone. But also to spread more creativity for myself and the community,” said Mia Estrada, a junior.

With the semester starting, students are excited to learn new information. Ashlynn Galvan said she’s excited to gain more knowledge from her philosophy class.

“I’m excited to learn new things in my philosophy class. I think I will really enjoy the class, especially because I’ve heard good things about it,” Galvan said.

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