CHS student council takes shape

Isabella Gutierrez

Collegiate High School


The Collegiate High School Student Council underwent some serious changes in December. With the guidance of Dr. Rodriguez and Mrs. Gasiorowski, a new president was appointed and the positions of vice president and treasurer are now vacant.

“As your new Stucco President I look forward to a productive year for our school and its student body,” said Benjamin Falcon.

Falcon, who previously served as treasurer, was appointed as the new Student Council president, and applications for the remaining two positions are available. There will also be the addition of an appointed board position titled Chief of Staff.

With a change in board members, the CHS Student Council hopes to continue on this path of growth with the board members Falcon, Alysa Aguilar and Imelda Gallegos, until other members join their team.

“While I may not have become your president by your votes, I hope to become president to each and every one of you now and as the year goes on, with your support,” Falcon said.

The CHS Student Council board has witnessed the recent leadership and feels a better communication.

“With this new leadership, we have been working toward a more structured system with better communication among the board members, governors, class representatives, and student body. Ben has had great ideas and as a board, we will continue to work together toward making these ideas a reality,” said Gallegos, parliamentarian of CHS Student Council.

The Student Council meets every Tuesday in the Lecture Hall, so if you are interested, they welcome new members at anytime. With the new board, the Student Council hopes to continue to grow and effect change among the student body as they begin 2017.

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