Former White House press chief mixes humor with advice

Brittany Claramunt



I normally read fiction books for fun because the story takes me on an adventure when I really want to escape reality. Over the Christmas break my parents got me two books that were not fiction, they were autobiographies. One of the books was “And The Good News Is…” by Dana Perino.

Perino is well known for being the press secretary during the Bush administration. In the book she writes about her life before, during and after her work in Washington, D.C. Going from a small-town girl to the press secretary for the president meant hard work, sacrifices and moving around a lot. Along the way she learned life lessons that helped her move up in her career, which lead her to being a co-host on “The Five” on Fox News after working in the Bush administration. Her book has a plethora of funny stories from what she did as a kid to getting hit in the eye with the boom mic.

I want to be a television journalist and her book really prepared me for what is out there. I may not want to be press secretary for the president of the United States but I do want to keep my job at a TV station. Her advice on what to do and what not to do at any type of workplace really put in perspective how serious anyone should take their job, especially at a TV station.

When I watch Perino on “The Five” I understand more about how she got there. Through her experiences from growing up in a small town to living in New York today, it really gives me a sense of direction on what exactly I want to do and how to get there. She wrote really great advice and backed it up with life experience. Now I know that boom mics hurt and leave bruises.

Regardless of your major, I recommend reading “And The Good News Is…” because for many students going out in the world looking for their first big job, having someone who has gone to the top with the president of the United States and continues to be respected and admired by people, giving advice and tips is really helpful.

Autobiographies are not so bad after all.

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