Give Credit when it’s due: being a teacher is one of the most important jobs around

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” — Albert Einstein.

Anyone who has gotten anywhere in life has gotten there with the help of a teacher. From the basic, fundamental skills needed for communication and surviving to the amazing information that fuels our minds and shapes our interests, teachers are by our side from a young age to guide us into the world and prepare us for it.
So why is it that disrespecting and harassing teachers seems to have become a trend? Scrolling through social media, videos of students yelling at, pranking or even assaulting their teachers can be found and some have even gone viral. It’s disgusting and a shame that people can find that type of behavior funny, admirable or even acceptable.
It’s not uncommon for the teaching profession to be shot down in any setting, though. In day-to-day conversation, teachers are looked upon as people with jobs that aren’t worthwhile. When children say they want to be teachers, they’re scoffed at. A common argument is, “What do teachers even make?”
What do teachers make? A difference. An impression. A lifetime love for learning.
Anyone who’s been through the school system has been influenced by one or more of their instructors. Learning is a process of transformation that always and forever will leave us coming out the other side a better person, and teachers facilitate that metamorphosis, helping however they can.
It’s time to open our eyes to the value of our nation’s educators. Men and women who give their lives to shape the future through our youth, a never-ending and toilsome task, do not deserve to be overlooked or disrespected. Without them, society would fall apart. It may not be the most glamorous profession, but it is necessary and without a doubt one of the most important.
If a teacher has impacted you here on our very own campus, don’t miss the chance to show your appreciation. From now through April 14, you can nominate a teacher you like for Teacher of the Year. Cast your vote for your favorite teacher at

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