Nintendo’s newest console offers fun and innovation

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any gaming console imagined. It birthed a new, innovated way to play video games — on the go and living room experience.

The Switch was officially unveiled in October 2016 via an online teaser video. Nintendo released more information a few months later.

After unboxing it, I was surprised by Switch’s slick design. Most gaming consoles were oversized machines and heavy. Switch, however, looks familiar to tablets such as the Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle. It felt light and comfortable while holding the console.

The console includes a HDMI docking system, which allows gamers to play video games on their television, and two controllers called Joy-Con; each controller has built in motion controls and HD Rumble.

The Joy-Con controllers feel small and cramped for someone who has large hands. Nintendo thankfully released a traditional controller.

HD Rumble sounds like a neat concept but is not quite there yet.

Nintendo claimed at their January conference that players can feel objects from Joy-Con controllers. Most Switch titles either fully or partially use the feature. One launch title called “1 2 Switch” makes full use of HD Rumble. Nintendo sadly did not bundle the game.

Overall, I enjoyed playing with my Switch. It has a few trial and errors that Nintendo can easily fix down the road. Nintendo Switch is an instant buy if people want to play Nintendo, casual or quirky video games.

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