Bringing over a decade of experience, Kristina Wilson, the new dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, hopes to make all departments better for faculty and students.

While originally from South Texas, Wilson has studied at numerous institutions across Texas. She received a Doctorate in Educational Leadership degree from Lamar University, a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas-Pan American and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Austin, but is coming to DMC from South Texas College in McAllen.

Her role as the dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment will focus on making DMC be more efficient across all departments.

“I will be working with everyone at one point or another in all units,” Wilson said. “I’m going to help make sure that all departments are running efficiently and work to make them better.”

While she is fresh at DMC, Wilson is already working on new projects for the college. She is working to transfer the current data systems to a newer system and will soon be developing a new strategic plan for the college.

President Mark Escamilla said she will be “critical to accreditation and the college getting its ‘license to operate’ and operate smoothly. She will be the tip of the spear for accreditation.”

Escamilla said both Wilson and the other new dean, Cody Gregg, were “highly regarded in at South Texas College, and matched with their experience in their fields and instruction. I’m excited that they are here.”

Wilson laid out her long-term plans.

“While those will be coming up, I’ll also be working on the Texas Pathways Projects,” Wilson said.

The Texas Pathways Project was created by the Texas Association of Community Colleges to make a better path for students and their education.

“The ultimate goal is to facilitate a pathway from high school to community college to university to finally their career,”  Wilson said. “They have asked all community colleges to participate and soon Del Mar will.”

Wilson said the project could take up to 10 years or more, but she is up for the challenge.

“I’m excited to make the college even more student centered,” Wilson said. “By strengthening aspects such as advising, students can have even more success.”

While Wilson is already working on numerous projects, she said she’s excited to become part of the community at Del Mar and in Corpus Christi.

“Being new to the college is exciting and getting to make new relationships with people is even better,” Wilson said.

“I’m also excited to be so close to the beach!” Wilson exclaimed. “I’ve already been going to the beach about once a week and I can’t wait to go more!”

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